Posted by: mosesfromsinai | June 10, 2018

Korach – Korach

This week’s Torah Reading is Korach – Korach, the story of the Rebellion of Korach and his cohorts. It is also the week of Rosh Chodesh Tamuz.

The Torah Reading is filled with strange events. Just after we witness the death of Korach, and his group of 250 people who were in agreement with Korach, in an amazing miraculous way, the Jews again complain.

The Al-mighty, so to speak has had it and wants to destroy them all that are again complaining. Moshe instructs Aaron how to quickly save the situation before things get totally worse. Over 14,000 died until Aaron was successful in stopping the deaths.

This whole scene is hard to comprehend from us a viewers. You just witnessed the amazing miraculous death of Korach and his group and the following morning you start up a again with Moshe and Aaron.

In truth we do this as well. We often see around us amazing things both in the positive and in the negative and yet somehow we are able to shrug these off and continue in our silly follies. We need to pause and learn from what we see and encounter. They are a message to us as how we are to conduct and improve our day to day lives.

Let us indeed pause and learn. In so doing each day we will grow and eventually bring on the ultimate redemption and building of the 3rd Holy Temple.


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