Posted by: mosesfromsinai | April 22, 2018

Acharay – Kedosheem After – Holy

This week’s Torah Reading is once again a double portion. We find ourselves in the midst of studying Pirchei Avos, Ethics of Our Fathers and counting the omer, leading up to the receiving of the Torah.

In the Torah Reading of Kedosheem it lists right away 3 commandments to follow. These 3 selected are part of the original 10 Commandment.

They are to fear your mother and your father (your mother is mentioned first as the tendency is to fear the father first. In the original 10 Commandments it placed the father first when talking about honor, because a child has a special love and thus honor for his/her mother who makes the yummy food). Then mentioned in the very same sentence is to guard the Shabbos. Finally the 3rd one mentioned in its own sentence is not to turn to idols and make idols.

Thus these 3 certainly play a role in our being classified as a Holy Nation. How we treat our parents and the love and respect we show them is vital in our being pure and holy. Similarly, how we spend our special 7th day, Shabbos, sets the tone for the week which is blessed by the Shabbos. By showing how we make Shabbos special this helps us make each day following, holy and special in the service to the Al-mighty.

Finally, not to turn to idols helps us to maintain pure values. We will not fall into the trap of running after some of the crazy things the people around us do and give them high priority. Torah tells us what is special, those items that can be used in the proper service to the Al-mighty are what we should be looking to acquire and make.

Let us focus on these holy activities, strive to be Kedosheem, a Holy Nation and soon we will have our Holy 3rd Temple.


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