Posted by: mosesfromsinai | April 15, 2018

Tazreeah – Metzorah Conceive – Lepor

This week’s Torah Reading is a double portion. The week also begins with the Rosh Chodesh – the New Month of Iyar. This is the month that the Al-mighty cures us. In Hebrew, the month is spelled Aleph, Yud, then Yud, and Raish. This is a short form for Aleph (Ani or Anochi – I am) the 2 Yuds (one of the short names for the Al-mighty) and Raish (Rofecha – who heals you). This is the month of healing.

In the Torah Reading we start off with informing us that after a woman gives birth she becomes impure. The time factor varies from a boy to a girl.

The overall concept of this impurity, and in general the woman’s menstrual cycle, takes us back to the Garden of Eden and the original sin committed by Chava (Eve). This was of course the eating of the fruit from the forbidden tree. So began the expulsion from Gan Eden – the special Garden of Eden.

Perhaps now that a new child has been born and as a result the mother is in a state of impurity, a message is being sent to the mother and also to the father to raise the precious child, boy or girl, in a way that teaches them to avoid temptation and to do the right thing in life. In this way contamination and impurity will be avoided.

Indeed a time will again come when the world will be fully cleansed with the building of the 3rd Holy Temple and women will no longer go through a stage of impurity. This is a good month as the Al-mighty is present and active to provide a proper healing.


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