Posted by: mosesfromsinai | August 6, 2017

Aikev – Heel

This week’s Torah reading is called Aikev – “The Heel”. It is an excellent pep talk that reaches to the bottom of our heel so to speak. It is very encouraging and positive in many ways.

The Torah reminds us that when we feel in our heart that the situation we face is too difficult, we need to have the faith that we can overcome the challenge we face. The Torah asks us to remember when we were in Egypt with Pharoh and things looked impossible and then when we were at the Yum Soof, yet this was all dealt with by the Al-mighty for His chosen children, we the Jewish Nation.

We can be wandering in a barren hot desert, where there are snakes and scorpions for even 40 years and feel like we are (almost in Miami in the 5 star glatt kosher and cholev Yisroel hotel – okay make that) in the 5 star Jerusalem hotel). Truthfully it was even better.

Remember that is why many years ago the 10 out of the 12 spies did not want to leave the desert to enter the land of Israel. (Again note they did not even have to leave any tips in the desert so better than a hotel, where tips alone can cost you a small fortune).

However, we, this generation is indeed looking forward to entering the promised land. We anxiously await the final redemption and constantly pray for the building of the 3rd Temple even more than the 500 plus times (515) Moshe prayed to enter the land of Israel. May the Al-mighty soon fulfill the promise of our final redemption.


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