Posted by: mosesfromsinai | July 23, 2017

Devareem – Words

This week’s Torah Reading begins the 5th book called Devareem – Words. This week is also the beginning of the month of Menachem Av. This is the month that our Temples were destroyed and our exiles, including this one, began.

Among the various instructions given over is the way the Jews are to treat Esav’s descendants and their land. The Jewish nation was required to request permission from them and also to buy drinks and food from them. This goes back to a promise the Al-mighty made to Abraham that 10 territories would be for Abraham; 7 would belong to Israel and the other 3 would be for Esav and Lot.

It is interesting to note that the Jewish Nation was to also inform Esav’s descendants that they would be purchasing food from them. Thus it would be beneficial for them to allow the Jewish Nation to pass through and do business with them.

Did the Jewish Nation need to purchase anything? Not really all their needs were supplied by the Al-mighty. (Thus they did not need to go to Public’s or Safeway and the other supermarkets for food and drinks, nor did thy have to go to the shopping malls to buy clothes)- ( No – Amazon on line was also not yet in business). The Jewish Nation had the best line of shopping (not Best Value) the Al-mighty directly. Their food, water, clothing and lodging were all provided by the Al-mighty. (A 5 star hotel service – and yes even then we complained – wow, amazing).

The purpose of informing the descendants of Esav and for us to shop was to do the proper thing when passing through a land that is not ours. We indeed learn from this to be pleasant and proper in a journey when we travel. In our travels it is important that we make a positive impact on the people we encounter. This translates into a big Kiddush Hashem, sanctifying the Al-mighty by His chosen children, the Jewish nation acting especially nice on their journeys and to the people they encounter.

May we soon once again begin our final journey to redemption brought on in part by our proper actions.


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