Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 28, 2017

Bimeedbar – In The Desert

The Torah Reading for Bimeedbar – In The Desert has a beautiful thought from a major scholar and poseek of our time, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein of blessed memory.

This deals with how the Ark, Aaron Hakodesh was covered when it came time to travel. The items in the Tabernacle were covered first with Tichailes, a turquoise wool whose dye color came from the secretion of a rare amphibious animal known as the chilozan whose exact identity has become forgotten with the passage of time. Then followed by a covering of Tachash hide, from a beautiful multi-colored animal that existed only at that time and then became extinct.

The ark was covered however, first with the Tachash hide and then the Tichailes.

Tichailes and Tachash represent different concepts. Tichailes symbolizes faith in the Al-mighty, for its blue color makes people think of heaven, the place of the Al-mighty’s Throne of Glory. While the Tachash was unusually beautiful and encouraged the enhancement of mitzvos, good deeds, by clothing them in physical beauty.

It is often important to lend esthetic beauty and convenience to the performance of the commandments, so that people will find them more inviting, but at its essence, the performance of commandments must be rooted in faith in the Giver and His Torah. Therefore the visible cover of the Ark must be Tichailes – the call to unquestioning faith in the Torah, which is contained within it. Only then may the other vessels – and other commandments as well – be clothed in Tachash, so that people will find them inviting and enjoyable.


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