Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 7, 2017

Emor – Say

This week’s Torah Reading is Emor – Say. We start off by dealing with some of the laws the Cohaneem, priests, must keep as well as that of the Cohen Gadol, High Priest.

Perhaps this is also a lesson for all of us. The Torah Reading is called Emor, spelled with an Aleph, Mem, Vav and Raish. The numerical value is (Aleph = 1, Mem = 40, Vav = 6 and Raish = 200) 247 plus the word Emor, gives us a total of 248, the number of Positive Commandments in the Torah.

The Cohaneem are reminded that they are holy and they have special rules they must follow to keep their holiness. We have our 248 Positive Commandments to remind us, the Holy Nation, to remain holy to the Al-mighty.

The approach to live up to our responsibilities is by having our leaders, the Moshe in each generation and so to speak in each community “Emor” – “Say”. It is necessary to teach and communicate the proper holy way we are to conduct ourselves. This is the responsibility of “Moshe” our leaders, our educators and our teachers. We need to be guided in doing the correct thing and maintaining our special connection to the Al-mighty so that shortly the actual Cohaneem will once again be employed in their service in the Holy 3rd Temple.


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