Posted by: mosesfromsinai | April 30, 2017

Acharay – Kedosheem After – Holy

This week’s Torah Reading is once again a double portion. We find ourselves in the midst of studying Pirchei Avos, Ethics of Our Fathers and counting the omer, leading up to the receiving of the Torah.

We find in this week’s Torah Reading the “Big Commandment”. Actually all commandments from the Al-mighty are “Big”, important. However this commandment has some special values. The Commandment is “ViAhavta Lirai-acha Kamocha” – “You should love your fellow as yourself”. The idea of loving a person in the same way you love yourself. Thus one should be willing to go all out for another person.

Most of us our willing to “lend a hand” as the expression goes. The Torah is demanding far more than just “lending a hand” (this is also nice). We are to extend ourselves in the same manner we extend ourselves for what we need in life. This is a very powerful statement and level to attain.

This commandment plays a vital role in our day to day lives in how we relate to other people. It is described as the Number 1 Commandment to strive for. As a parent. when you see someone going all out to assist your child, the affection you have for that person has no limits.

The Al-mighty responds in a similar way. When He sees the efforts we make in our day to day lives helping one another, so to speak a huge smile is formed.
Let us hope that we can create this “huge smile” that will radiate into the building of our 3rd Holy Temple. It is indeed this Commandment, The Love of a Fellow Jew, that plays a major role in our final redemption.


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