Posted by: mosesfromsinai | April 23, 2017

Tazreeah – Metzorah Conceive-Leper

This week’s Torah Reading is a double portion. It deals with a variety of issues that require purification. Among them are the menstrual cycle for women, a man’s issue, and a strange illness, Tzoras – like leprosy, that comes from evil gossip.

This week begins the new month of Iyar. In Hebrew, the month is spelled Aleph, Yud, then Yud, and Raish. This is a short form for Aleph (Ani or Anochi – I am) the 2 Yuds (one of the short names for the Al-mighty) and Raish (Rofecha – who heals you). This is the month of healing.

In the Torah Reading we again have the Commandment of circumcision on the 8th day for the birth of a male child. We learn 2 things from this repetition. First we must circumcise in the day and not at night and secondly even if the 8th day is Shabbos the Commandment to circumcise overrides the Sabbath. Of course if the child is not fully healthy yet it is indeed delayed.

The concept of making a covenant with the Al-mighty is indeed very important and worthy of repetition. This bond/covenant is implanted in a child as soon as possible. Our priority in life is this attachment to our Creator – the Al-mighty.

This repetition is found in the book of Vayeekra – And He (the Al-mighty) Called. The Al-mighty calls on us as soon as possible to recognize with a visible sign our responsibility to fulfill our obligations and lead a very special life. We both, men and women, need to live up to our abilities that were given to us. In so doing we are indeed a pure person and a pure nation. It is this purity of living up to our abilities that will bring about the final redemption and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple


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