Posted by: mosesfromsinai | March 12, 2017

Kee Seesa – When You Will Count

This week’s Torah Reading is Kee Seesa – When You Will Count. It is also a special Shabbos in that we read the Laws of the Parah Adumah – Red Cow. (Count down to Pesach – time to start cleaning and getting ready).

Right at the end of the first portion we read, is again the Commandment of Shabbos. Obviously this is a major commandment as it was included in the “Big” Ten Commandments.
There are various reasons given for the mentioning it again in this Torah Reading. Bottom line is Shabbos must be very important.

The idea of setting aside 1 day as a reminder of the Al-mighty and His creating the world plays a major role in our lives. This gives us a sense of purpose. We have a mission in life to show the world there is an Al-mighty by our positive actions. The Al-mighty is sort of ‘counting’ on us to bring light into this world and illustrate His presence to the rest of the world by our actions.

The Al-mighty indeed counts us and we are precious, but He is counting on us to show His presence in the world/universe He created. This we accomplish by carrying out the mandate placed on us by the 10 Commandments and the Torah. By our leading a special pure life we bring out the special connection the Al-mighty has. May we complete this mission which will be fulfilled with the building of the 3rd Holy Temple.


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