Posted by: mosesfromsinai | March 5, 2017

Titzaveh – Command

The Torah Reading for this week is Titzaveh – Command. A major emphasis of the portion read deals with the garments the Kohen Gadol – High Priest and Kohaneem – regular priests wore.

One of the garments worn by the Kohen Gadol was the Choshen – The Breastplate. It contained 12 special different stones and on each stone a name of 1 of the 12 tribes was engraved. Inserted into the Breastplate was also the Urim V’Tumeem – a parchment that had written on it by Moshe the special name of the Al-mighty.

The parchment would then light up letters on the 12 precious stones in response to a question the Kohen Gadol would ask. This parchment was hidden during the final years of the First Holy Temple along with the Ark containing the Tablets and the special anointment oil.

Presently, when we have a question we ask our holy Rabbis for a response and they rely on the holy letters from the Torah and Shulchan Orech – Code of Jewish Law.

We need to still be asking questions even though we do not have the Urim V’Tumeem. The Rabbis need to play an active role in our lives. This allows us to better live a Torah life – a proper life.

Let us also continue to pray for the rebuilding of our Holy Temple and with it the return of the Urim V’Tumeem, our Ark and the special anointment oil.


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