Posted by: mosesfromsinai | February 26, 2017

Terumah – A Portion

This week’s Torah Reading is called Terumah – A Portion. The focus turns to donations and the building of the Holy Temple in the desert and the vessels and garments associated with the Holy Temple.

One of the items built for the Temple was the Alter. There were actually 2 Alters. One was placed outside the Temple in the courtyard and the other was in the Temple. The one discussed in the Torah Reading this week was the one built in the courtyard.

Both Alters had a similar concept, they were both built having a square surface. The courtyard alter was larger but still a square.

Perhaps the concept of a square refers to covering all areas in life equally. We have to be concientious in all our actions to see they are indeed holy. In life we often have to make sacrifices and it is important to make sure that our actions remain proper. Pressure can be applied to disturb this proper balance and we need to use our given strength to maintain this consistent proper approach to our Jewish life. And yes it indeed requires sacrifice. May we all strive and succeed in our efforts to have a pleasant and correct, balanced life.


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