Posted by: mosesfromsinai | February 19, 2017

Mishpateem – Civil Laws

This week’s Torah Reading is Mishpateem – Civil Laws. This coming Shabbos is also referred to as Shekaleem, where we read the additional portion of each male Jew, 20 years and older, giving a half shekel. It is also Shabbos Mevorcheem, the Shabbos where we bless the new month of Adar, the Hebrew month that Purim falls out on. A very packed Shabbos.

In the Torah Reading we read that a person is responsible for being negligent. If for example he dug a pit and did not cover it over and an animal falls in, he is responsible for the damages caused.

The Torah begins by telling us in life we have to be careful and conscientious in our daily lives. We have to take into consideration what are acts may result in to not only other human beings but even animals.

Torah does indeed demand of us to be constantly aware of what is the correct activity or action. If we keep in mind constantly our responsibilities to the Al-mighty and His created world, this sets the tone for the final redemption where the entire world will be filled with the special light.

This light will be present hopefully soon when our 3rd Holy Temple will be built.


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