Posted by: mosesfromsinai | February 5, 2017

Bishalach – Sent Out

This week’s Torah Reading is Bishalach – Sent Out. The Jewish Nation is Sent Out by Paroh, finally, from Egypt. It is also called Shabbos Shira, as we sing the famous song, also found in our daily prayers of the Miracle of the Splitting of the Red Sea.

If we look carefully at the Exodus of Egypt, it looks a bit crazy. First we have the final plague, the Pesach seder, then we quickly leave Egypt with all our belongings as well as what we requested from the Egyptian people. We are led by day with a cloud that protects us and by night with a pillar of fire. Yep your average way of taking a normal trip.

We are told that are final Exodus will also be a bit crazy. Yep that to makes sense. From all the various countries that we are now in planes will be taking off and landing in Tel Aviv (eagles wings it says for our final redemption).

What is important is that we saw that we went through a crazy time and redemption so we can indeed anticipate a crazy time and final redemption. We need to do our thing in the meantime which is to live and spread the positive light in this world of darkness. We have to continue to do good deeds, help our fellow Jew and be a guiding light to all the other nations by our positive actions.

This will bring about our own crazy Exodus, may it happen very soon.


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