Posted by: mosesfromsinai | January 29, 2017

Bo – Come

This week’s Torah Reading is called Bo – Come.

In this week’s Torah Reading we have mentioned towards the end, the Commandment to wear Tephillin. They should serve as a sign on our arm and a reminder between our eyes.

Once again we are being reminded that our purpose of freedom is to provide proper actions and proper thoughts. This portion is read in this Parsha where we gain our freedom from Paroh after the final 10th plague. It is in the section where we are told to dedicate our first born to Holiness.

We are all required to see to it that our actions and our thoughts are indeed dedicated to holiness.

True freedom is when we can choose to do what is right and not be led down the paths of “garbage”. Right at the very beginning of our freedom and exodus from exile we are being told how we can manage to continue to be free in life, by doing what is correct.

May we with our correct actions soon merit the Holy 3rd Temple and complete freedom with all its blessings.


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