Posted by: mosesfromsinai | January 22, 2017

VaAirah – And I Appeared

This week’s Torah Reading is called VaAirah – And I Appeared. This Torah Reading marks the beginning of the 10 Plagues, which sets in motion the ultimate redemption of the Jewish Nation from Egypt.

We can learn an amazing thing from the Torah Reading this week.
The Al-mighty again instructs Moshe. He is to now go and speak to Pharoh, King of Egypt, and give over all that the Al-mighty instructs him. Moshe says to the Al-mighty, (more or less) “How am I suppose to do that”? “I have a speech impediment.” “I burnt my tongue when Pharoh wanted to see if I was normal or special.” “I ended up holding a hot coal, that You made my hand pick up, instead of the diamond I was reaching for, and burnt my fingers and my tongue when I stuck my burning fingers into my mouth.” “That messed me up and impaired my speaking.” “Okay, thank You for saving my life but my speaking abilities were from childhood on messed up.” (Pharoh was testing his adopted grandson to see how smart he was. Had Moshe picked up the diamond as a child, Pharoh would have ordered him killed).

However, all it would take was for the Al-mighty to do a little miracle and correct the problem. This does not happen now.

For us this is a major lesson. When we are faced with obstacles our mind comes up with excuses and many can perhaps be valid, as was the case with Moshe. However, there are times when we have to just take the next step and work around our personal problems. We have a mission to carry out in life and we can do it. Moshe was able to communicate and we are able to succeed in our endeavors as well. Let us work to carry out our responsibilities and soon we will merit our redemption too and the 3rd Holy Temple.


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