Posted by: mosesfromsinai | January 15, 2017

Shemos – Names

This week’s Torah Reading is called Shemos – Names. It begins the second book of our Torah and is referred to as Exodus.

Right near the very beginning we get a picture of how antisemitism begins. It says that a new king arose that did not know Yoseph. Translation, he did not want to acknowledge the good Yoseph, yes the Jew, did for his country. How Yoseph had saved Egypt and had helped make Egypt the number 1 country in the land by advising Pharoh on how to do deal with the dream and years of plenty and famine.

Where ever Jews have gone, the nations have positively grown. We are indeed the Chosen people and we can bring blessings to the countries that treat us properly, and have done so. The United States is the present example. The number 1 super power in the world and the Jewish Nation has freedom here.

We are responsible to maintain a proper level of life to continue to be a positive light to nations. Even in our exile, we need to light up the world with positive actions. The holiday Chanukah recently ended shows this concept as well, by lighting up the world as darkness enters.

Exile will be overcome by our actions in bringing light brought on by our positive involvement in this world. May we continue to be active and bring about our final redemption just as this Torah Reading begins the process of redemption with the birth of Moshe.


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