Posted by: mosesfromsinai | January 8, 2017

Vayichee – And He Lived

The week’s Torah reading, beginning on Sunday – Yom Rishon, which is the 10th of Teves, is Vayichee. The 10th of Teves was the day the King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar besieged and surrounded Jerusalem. Later the Beis Hamkidosh would be destroyed by this King. Thus the 10th of Teves marks the beginning of the destruction of the Bais Hamikdosh and the Babylonian exile and so it was made a fast day.

In the Torah Reading at the very end we find the phrase in Hebrew Pakode Yifkode, a double expression of being remembered. This phrase Moshe will use when he comes to redeem the Jewish Nation.

We have been in exile far longer than what the Jewish Nation encountered in Egypt. They were in exile for over 200 years and we have been in exile for almost 2000 years. We too have been promised that we will be remembered and redeemed.

We have encountered much difficulty during these almost 2000 years. Yes we have had some good years as well. However, the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Holocaust and others have taken countless lives, special souls from our midst. We have suffered much. We are ending the first book of the Torah with the promise that we will be remembered. Yoseph was remembered and he was buried in Israel when the Jews were redeemed.

It is our turn to be remembered and redeemed and have the entire Jewish Nation returned and living in peace in our holy land.


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