Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 18, 2016

VaYaishev -And He Settled

This week’s Torah reading is Vayaishev – And He Settled.

In the Torah Reading we come across Yoseph doing time in prison. He was placed there because of the wife of Potiphar, because he did not want to – – – well let us just say, please her.

He makes a great impression while he is in prison and is appointed to be in charge, so to speak, by the warden.

This has some great symbolism. We as Jews, are constantly pressured and plagued by our enemies. Often we were partially killed or asked to leave various countries. When we would arrive in our new country, in a short time we would make a positive, great, impression and took on leadership roles. (Eventually these leadership roles led to jealousy and we again became persecuted.)

What we do need to learn is that whatever situation we find ourselves in, we must have faith and do our best with the talents the Al-mighty has given us. In time, these talents will indeed serve us and we shall find our freedom and live comfortably and freely. May we soon end this exile with the talents we have, and led by Moshiach, to see our 3rd Holy Temple.


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