Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 11, 2016

Vayeeshlach – And He Sent

This week’s Torah Reading is Vayeeshlach – And He Sent.

Right at the very beginning it states “Vayeeshlach Yaakov Milacheem” literally translated as “And Yakov sent Angels”, Milacheem can be translated as messengers or angels.

The purpose to send real angles would be to impress and scare his brother Esav and to thus avoid conflict. Another possibility was that if Esav was in a nasty mood the messengers from Yakov could not be killed as they were not human.

It is interesting to see that Yakov was so very holy that he had angels to protect him. We saw that when Yakov was leaving Israel he lay down to rest and the angels that protected him went up and a new group of angels came down to protect him on his way to his uncle and future father-in-law, Lavan.

Here again, when he will encounter his brother Esav, he has angels to call upon.

Yakov has the name and symbolizes Israel. We also have angels that watch over us. (I know some of you may think they are sleeping on the job – they act only upon being instructed)

In our prayer we say after the Shabbos ends, “HaMalach Hogoale Osee” – “The Angel That Redeemed Me”. Thus in a way inviting the angel to help protect us in the week ahead that we are about to face.

As children of Yakov we need to first behave as his children should and then know that we have an angel watching over us.

May we all soon merit to have our 3rd Holy Temple and clearly see our being protected and no longer having evil in the world.


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