Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 4, 2016

Vayaitzai – And He Went Out

The Torah Reading for this week is Vayaitzai – And He Went Out.

Right near the very beginning of the Torah Reading we find that Yakov rests for the evening outdoors and has a dream. In that dream, there are a change of angels to protect Yakov on the way to stay with Lavan outside of Israel. Also in the dream Yakov is promised by the Al-mighty that Yakov will be looked after and eventually come back to Israel.

We as a Jewish nation are looked after by the Al-mighty and we too will return one day to the complete promised land.

In our sometimes rough history it is good to know that we have this promise that we will return to the promised land with all the good things promised for us.

In life it is important to set up positive thoughts and actions when we set out on a mission in life. This gives us direction and the ultimate energy to see this through. May the promises made to us soon be fulfilled.


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