Posted by: mosesfromsinai | November 20, 2016

Chayai Sarah – The Life of Sarah

This week’s Torah Reading is called Chayai Sarah – The Life of Sarah. Though it begins with her death and burial, her influence was a constant, even after her death.

In the Torah Reading we have an interesting account of a first meeting of a bride and groom. Rivka is riding on a camel and Yitzchak is walking toward them from the field. She asks who is that guy and is told that is Yitzchak, her future husband. She is a bit dazed and gets off the camel and adjusts her clothing. Yitzchak does marry her and indeed loves her and things are more or less back to normal in that amazing household. (The candles Rivka lights remain lit until the following Shabbos when she again lights the Shabbos candles, as it did when Sarah used to light the Shabbos candles).

We can clearly see that Rivka is also an amazing individual. Her decision to go and meet with Yitzchak for the sake of marriage,(according to many she had accepted the arrangement and engagement at the very beginning), this showed her positive nature and faith that he was indeed special. Before that she also passed the tests the Eliezer gave to show this girl was exceptional, in kindness and other qualities that befit a mother of Israel, the future Jewish nation.

As we will read further we will discover how great this woman Rivka truly is just as we learned how amazing Sarah was and the Torah portion that we read is named after her.

The mothers of the Jewish nation are special and this serves as perhaps a reminder how they should be treated with great love and respect.


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