Posted by: mosesfromsinai | November 6, 2016

Lech Lecha – Go For Yourself

This week’s Torah Reading is called Lech Lecha – Go for Yourself.

We find right near the very beginning of the Torah Reading the concept of the Al-mighty telling Avraham that He will bless those that bless Avraham and curse those that curse Avraham.

Thus the Al-mighty has stated that for the nation or country to be blessed and be successful, this will be based on how they treat the Jewish Nation.

If we follow history for over 2000 years we will see how this clearly plays out. Those nations that were on top, did well as long as they were good with the Jewish people living in their country. When their attitude and actions changed their country fell down from their great heights.

(Once upon a time the United Nations was looked upon with great respect, perhaps now it is a living joke in the eyes of many).

We as a Jewish Nation need to look at how important our behavior is. We need to be the light to the nations of the world and be the living example of how to lead a proper life. We need to show our concern for other countries in times of their great needs. Indeed, Israel has been a first respondent to many tragedies that countries have encountered.

It is also important for other countries to know that those that bless the children of Avraham and Sarah, will themselves be blessed.

Our world was created that we should work together for positive things. (Note in last week’s Torah Reading that they worked together to build the Tower for negative reasons. Perhaps they were not destroyed because they did at least one positive action. They assembled and were unified.)

We as a Jewish Nation need to become unified in both our personal service to the Al-mighty and our commitment to His other creations to help bring out the best. Thus filling the world with a positive light and the ultimate 3rd Holy Temple,may it be this year.


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