Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 30, 2016

Noach – Noach

This week’s Torah Reading is the story of Noach and the Flood. Not a good time in history for the world. Mankind had hit the bottom and the Al-mighty needed to cleanse the world.

Last year for the first time I left out bringing your attention to the piece Bill Cosby did on Noach. This year I well again include it.

My reason is perhaps this can also fit into what we can learn from this week’s Torah portion.

The Al-mighty created a beautiful world for us to live properly in. We can show two faces as we live in this world. One face can be that of goodness and entertaining people. The other can be that of evil and harming other people. We must work to maintain the good face all the time and help those that the Al-mighty made the effort to create.

Life is indeed challenging and there are often times when we face our own type of “flood” ready to “drown” and destroy us.

We need to build a protection, an “ark” to survive these times.
Doing good deeds, helping one another, and learning are key methods of survival. This should be our occupation and thus we will survive our personal “floods”.

Let us indeed work to this end and finally bring about an end to all evil ushering in the final redemption.

Below is the positive side of Bill Cosby.

For the story of Noah and the Flood I again refer the reader for fun to Bill Cosby on YouTube. For the picture version see: and for the longer sound only version see: Just a little note that in the actual story the building of the Ark took 120 years to allow the people to see and ask. Noah told them the truth in the hope that the people would repent. It obviously did not work.


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