Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 23, 2016

Braishees – In The Beginning

This week’s Torah Reading is called Braishees – In the Beginning. We begin again to read the Torah from the beginning after celebrating the conclusion with singing and dancing on Simchas Torah – the Joy of Torah.

This Torah Reading is a very heavy reading as it contains the creation of the universe and all that is in it.

We are told that the Al-mighty created a Paradise for Adam and Eve. Ya they blew it over a “delicious” apple. Now we have to suffer and work hard in life to make amends.

When we think a bit deeper, perhaps this is a major teaching for us to learn. We need to be careful not to blow our “Paradise” over what appears to be a “delicious” apple that we are told not to “eat”.

In our day to day contact with life there are various stumbling blocks. They may appear to be a “delicious” apple but we know deep down that it is not for us. We need to find the strength within ourselves to turn the temptation down.

Our positive growth depends in some way in recognizing these so called “delicious” apples for what they really are. We then have to find the strength and or courage to say NO.

With this strong, clear approach to life, in many ways we will then experience a level of Paradise.

Let us recognize our “delicious” apples, avoid them and soon we will indeed merit our “Paradise” through the building of the 3rd Holy Temple. May it be this year as we prayed.


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