Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 9, 2016

Ha’azeenu – Give Ear

The Torah reading Ha’azeenu = “Give Ear” is the last weekly portion read on Shabbos. The final portion, Vizos Habracha – “This is the Blessing” is read on Shmeenee Atzeres – Simchas Torah.

This is the special song that Moshe taught the Jewish Nation before he passes on and Yehoshua leads the Jewish Nation into Israel.

In the song we find a phrase “Ke Chol Dirachov Meeshpat” – “All His paths are justice”. As we go through life we see numerous things that we tend to want to question with the phrase “Is this fair?” We see tragedy for an individual, a family, a large segment of a city and we wonder is this fair, is this just. We question, at times, with things that happen to ourselves personally. Along comes the phrase “All His paths are justice”. This is in response to our questions. Yes, we may not see the justice, however, it is the Al-mighty causing the event to take place and we indeed must have faith that this is correct.

Not an easy pill to swallow, especially when it becomes very personal, with someone close to you suffering and perhaps dying.

This may indeed be one of the reasons this portion is read around Yom Kippur time, either before or after. We have accepted the Al-mighty as our King and acknowledged that He rules the world He created. We are also saying that He is a just King. We as humans have a limited view of things. There is a bigger picture, it is in that larger picture that the events happening are indeed just.

Simple example, we see someone being cut open and are ready to scream. Wait, out comes a living baby and in the end we have a very happy mother as there was no other option available to save this child.

In the final period, when Moshiach will lead us out of exile and complete the building of the 3rd Holy Temple, we too will all be smiling. May it happen this year.


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