Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 2, 2016

Vayailech – And He Went

The Torah Reading for this week is Vayailech – And He Went. It is also Shabbos Shuva – Shabbos (to Return – Repent), the Shabbos before Yom Kippur where we are focused on returning to the Al-mighty by avoiding the negatives and doing the positives in life.

In the Torah portion we read towards the end that Moshe wrote and taught a song. The actual text of the song we will read this year the Shabbos after Yom Kippur, Ha’azeenu – Give Ear.

Historically this is the number 1 best written song of all times. (The Bible – Torah, is the #1 best seller) Moshe teaches them this song in this portion. Perhaps the connection of Vayailech – And He Went, with a song is to instill in each of us an upbeat attitude in our walk through life.

There are various obstacles that we encounter on even a daily basis. We need to have a positive attitude to deal with the challenges of life on a daily basis. Having a song, feeling we can overcome the apparent barriers thrown at us, helps us to truly overcome these apparent challenges.

Let us march forward with a positive singing attitude and soon we will sing the true song of our final redemption. May we bring it in this coming New Year.


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