Posted by: mosesfromsinai | September 25, 2016

Nitzaveem – Standing

This week’s Torah Reading is called Nitzaveem. It alludes to the concept of standing before the Al-mighty on our New Year, Rosh Hashona.

In the Torah portion we read that our obligations to the Al-mighty are within our ability to do. This is true in feelings in our heart, speech from our mouth and actions that we physically perform.

This is an important concept. Sometimes we get into a sort of depression that we feel this is impossible to do. We are not angels, we are human beings is the standard argument. Well we are told that what is being asked is indeed able to be carried out by a human being. The apparent wall preventing the individual to do what is required is really a mirage. We often see this by when we take the necessary steps, the insurmountable wall suddenly disappears.

We are standing before the New Year, Rosh Hashona. We may feel how are we to get a good judgement given our past deeds. Know that the Al-mighty waits for our asking forgiveness and He indeed forgives. Let us enter the New Year asking for atonement and then shortly experience, what we think is not possible at times, the building of our 3rd Holy Temple and our complete redemption.


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