Posted by: mosesfromsinai | September 11, 2016

Key Taitzai – When You Will Go Out

This week’s Torah Reading is Key Taitzai – When You Will Go Out (to do battle).

We find toward the end of this week’s Torah Reading, which contain so many positive and negative commands, a very special rule. That is to ensure that you have accurate weights in your business dealings. The Torah is very concerned about honesty in business dealings. One place is certainly when we are selling a pound for a set price that the item be accurate in its weight. We even find that when stores are government inspected, the scales used are tested for their accuracy. Of course a Jewish owner should be checking the scales frequently as required by our Torah.

The concept of checking is perhaps a hint to our examining our own actions, and how we ‘weigh’ in on a certain choice of action or behavior. Is what we are doing correct, or are we misleading in our actions and activities? We need to scrutinize ourselves to see that we are being honest. The Torah says that we need to be pure with the Al-mighty. Our actions that we perform daily have to be honest and sincere. This is indeed a challenge as often our actions are not as they should be.

We need to take the time to weigh our behavior and actions on a daily basis and to ensure our path is a proper one.

We are told that if we are righteous in our weights, our actions, we will be rewarded with a long life. Let us pursue this path in our daily lives and merit to be present with the building of the 3rd Holy Temple


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