Posted by: mosesfromsinai | July 24, 2016

Pinchas – Pinchas

This week’s Torah Reading is called Pinchas. It is a fully packed Torah Reading containing many different areas, among them is again counting the Jewish Nation and going through the various Jewish holiday celebrations.

In the Torah Reading it starts off by listing the names of the 2 individuals Pinchas had killed. The Midianite woman was Kuzbee the daughter of Tzur. Her father was a prince among the Midianites. This did not stop her from her immoral behavior.

There was another special woman living that time also from Midian. She had a special husband and she was a positive woman. Her name was Tzipporah, non other than Moshe’s wife. When they first met years ago at a well, Moshe helped her water her flock, and she left. Thus showing her modest behavior. Yisro, her father, asked where is the man who helped? He then invited Moshe to join for a meal and the rest was history. We saw how Tzipporah acted to save Moshe and quickly circumcise her son. She was a very special positive woman.

Kuzbee, on the other hand was obviously a very negative person. She worshiped idols and had no modesty.

Once again the Torah shows us that people can come from the same country and act totally different. One will be very positive as was Tzipporah and one will be very negative as was Kuzbee. Keep in mind that Kuzbee came from a princely family but that did not stop her from her very negative behavior.

The Torah is our life and source of light. Pinchas sets the tone for special behavior and also the Jewish woman sets the tone for special positive behavior as shown by Tzipporah. It is the positive behavior that will lead us to the future redemption of the Jewish Nation.


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