Posted by: mosesfromsinai | July 3, 2016

Korach – Korach

This week’s Torah Reading is Korach – Korach, the story of the Rebellion of Korach and his cohorts. It is also the week of Rosh Chodesh Tamuz.

Towards the end of the Torah Reading we are informed that the Tribe of Levy is given what is called a Maaser Reeshon, A First Tithe, from crops that were harvested. This was in part compensation for not having a portion in the land of Israel and a payment for their service to the Holy Temple.

Their function was to be dedicated to the Temple and the spirituality that the Holy Temple represented.

Though this was the responsibility of a specific tribe, each and everyone one of us has to learn from this to dedicate in some way, our lives to holiness. This is done through our taking time to pray and learn, eating kosher food, speaking in a proper way, no evil gossip and other ways that the Torah guides us to live by.

Korach had this part right, we are a Holy Nation and are to live by that standard. Part of that standard however, is not to have a negative jealousy towards others. Korach had a negative attitude and wanted to be the main player so to speak.

The truth is that each and everyone of us has an important role to play by the holiness our actions add to the world we live in. We can see, if we take the time to look, how are actions affect those around us. It is thus important that we keep in mind constantly our bond with the Al-mighty and act accordingly.

Our actions as a Holy Nation, will soon bring about the final redemption and the building of the 3rd Bais Hamikdosh.


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