Posted by: mosesfromsinai | June 26, 2016

Shilach – You Send

The Torah Reading for this week is Shilach – You Send. The sending refers to the 12 spies sent to spy out the land of Israel they were about to enter and conquer. We know how that ended. Only two, Joshua and Caleb, voted to enter the land and they would be able to conquer it. The remaining 10 spies convinced the nation that it was a no go and they were better off in the desert.(Did not have to work for their food and water as they had the Mannah from Heaven and the Well of Water from the rock in Miriam’s merit. Also did not have to go for shopping in the malls or on line for new clothes as their clothes grew with them and was always fresh and clean.)

When the nation was punished, they had a change of heart and wanted to enter and fight the enemy. Moshe told them it was too late and they would not succeed. The question here is does not Teshuva, repentance always work? They were repenting from their mistake and sin.

The answer is usually it does but when the leader, Moshe, tells you it will not work this time, you need to listen. We need to listen to the Moshe’s of our generations. We need to listen to the advice our Torah leaders give us. If we want success and the blessings of the Al-mighty, then it is incumbent upon us to follow Torah and the sages.

We saw in the past what happens when the nation goes against the words of Moshe
Rabbenu. It is incumbent upon us to listen to the words of our saintly leaders. They are the ones that light up the true path for redemption and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple.


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