Posted by: mosesfromsinai | June 19, 2016

Biha’aloscha – When You Will Light

This week’s Torah Reading is Biha’aloscha – When You Will Light.

In the portion we read that Moshe’s father-in-law announces that after spending about a year with Moshe and his daughter and grandchildren, he wishes to return to his land.

Moshe then begins to encourage Yisro, his father-in-law, (also now called Chovav for his love of Torah), to remain. According to the majority of opinions offered he chose in the end to remain.

Moshe told Yisro that he would have a share in the wealth. Yisro was not so much concerned about the wealth as he was about a portion in the promised land.
Moshe then told him, that indeed he would receive a very nice portion in the land of Israel. This according to most commentators was the convincing factor and he decided to remain.

What we glean from this is the amazing love that Moshe’s father-in-law had for Eretz Yisroel. This was a special place and if he indeed was to have a portion then for sure he wanted to be there.

We as descendants of the tribes of Israel should feel a special bound and love for the land that is ours. It should lift our spirits on a daily basis and help us to lead a holy life so that in a very short time we can again experience the powerful presence of the Al-mighty in the 3rd Holy Bais Hamikdash.


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