Posted by: mosesfromsinai | June 5, 2016

Bimeedbar – In The Desert

This week’s Torah Reading is called Bimeedbar – In The Desert. This portion begins the 4th book of the Torah.

We are going to follow the Jewish Nation for 40 years as they live their lives in the Meedbar – Desert. We to this day are sort of in a desert. Yes we have our Holy Land, Israel, more or less, but we are still in exile, in the desert.

How do we survive? How have we survived? Perhaps looking at the word Bimeedbar in the Hebrew script we will be given a hint to how to survive in a desert, so to speak.

The Hebrew letters that make up the word Bimeedbar – Desert, are Bais, Mem, Daled, Bais, and Raish. We once spoke about the concept of Dabair Bam – speak in them, which use the letters that spell Bimeedbar. The Beis in the word Bam refers to the written Torah which begins with Bais in the word BiRaishis – In the Beginning. The Mem in the word Bam, refers to the Oral teachings which begin with Mem in the word Miaimasai from the first book of the Talmud, Oral Teachings, called Brochos.

Looking again at the word Bimeedbar – In the desert we can find another clue to survival in a desert, namely thinking and doing the positive things in life. The Torah is composed of 613 Commandments. There are 248 Positive commandments – things to do, and there are 365 Negative commandments, things to avoid doing.

The word Bimeedbar, as said earlier is composed of the Hebrew letters Bais, Mem, Daled, Bais and Raish, The numerical value of Bais is 2, Mem is 40, Daled is 4, Bais again is 2, and Raish is 200. This comes to a total of 248 which equals the number of Positive commandments in the Torah.

This is thus another clue how to survive in the desert, our exile. We must do and think positive. By focusing on the positive in life, through our thoughts, our speech and our actions, this will successfully guide us through the desert to our promised land and the 3rd Bais Hamikdosh, our 3rd Holy Temple. May it soon be built.


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