Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 29, 2016

Bichukosy – In My Statutes

This week’s Torah reading, Bichukosy, is the final portion of the Book of Vayeekra (G-d’s special calling to Moshe). We will also bless the new month of Sivan, the month that the Torah was given in.

We are told in this week’s Torah Reading that if we indeed will walk in the ways of the Al-mighty’s statutes and keep His commandments we will be very blessed. All will see that the Al-mighty has a personal relationship with us and we are His chosen people.

The Al-mighty stresses that He will give us peace in our land. No bad animals and no swords will enter the Holy land of Israel. This is all dependent on our fulfilling the will of the Al-mighty by living up to our responsibilities, keeping the Torah and its Mitzvos.

The Torah reading will then move on to negative stuff if we do not live up to our Torah responsibilities.

We are still in exile so it is clear that we need to focus on this first part of the Torah reading. We all need to work on fulfilling our commitment as a Jewish nation. We all need to take on the responsibilities of what Torah requires of us. We all have a specific calling, as indicated by the beginning of the 3rd book called Vayeekra – And He (G-d) Called. The Al-mighty calls upon each one of us to fulfill our obligations. By so doing we set the tone for our ultimate redemption. May we celebrate this year’s Yom Tov of Shavuous, when the Torah was given, together as a united nation (that’s a united Jewish nation) in Jerusalem with our 3rd Holy Temple.


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