Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 22, 2016

Bihar – In The Mountain

This week’s Torah Reading is the single Parsha Bihar. This usually occurs in a leap year such as this. In the Torah Reading we come across actually an amazing law. When we notice an individual “brother” becoming impoverished we should offer a loan with NO interest so that he may recoup himself and get on the regular path of life once again.

This loan is the highest level of charity. A person’s money could be used to increase his wealth by investments. Here a person is choosing to invest in helping someone regain his station in life and not make a profit by charging interest.

Once again the Torah is showing us the importance of a human being and the proper compassion we should have. We need to come to the aid of our fellow “brother” / “sister” at various times. When we show by our actions clearly that we care, the Al-mighty will show by His actions that He truly cares for His Holy Nation, His children and take them out of exile. This is one of the reasons that we say “With Charity We Shall Be Redeemed”. When we show our love and concern, with no interest in profit for our “brother” / “sister”, we have truly reached the highest level of caring. May this level indeed soon lead to our redemption and the 3rd Holy Temple. (Oh and sorry UN but yes on that famous area you somehow think does not belong to us – why not read the Bible and see who the land was promised to – Abraham’s chosen child Isaac, the future Jew. Oh and while you are at it, read the Prophets and discover who bought the actual land the Temple was built on – King David. Oh and again read who actually built the 1st Holy Temple there – King Solomon – Slightly earlier than the founder of Islam).


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