Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 15, 2016

Emor – Say

This week’s Torah Reading is Emor – Say. The portion mainly deals with the laws for the Cohen, Cohen Gadol and for the Temple and the sacrifices offered.

It further contains the way the holidays are celebrated and the counting of the Omer that we are presently doing.

We find also in the Torah Reading a very powerful statement, Not to Desecrate the Holy Name and to Sanctify the Al-mighty by our actions. This a very powerful activity that each individual Jew is responsible for. There are times when we read or hear about the activities of a person, that are really negative. For a Jew this is doubly bad. His/her actions have also hit at the very essence of Judaism by his/her public negative behaviour. The reverse is also true. When a Jew is acknowledged for exceptional positive conduct this is a pure sanctification of the Al-mighty as well. We are His Holy Nation and must at ALL times conduct ourselves in such a way. By this type of behaviour, we all become Cohaneem, so to speak, a special holy group, serving the Al-mighty in a very special way.

It is this special way, by our actions being of a unique shining light, that will ultimately bring the Special Shining Light back into our 3rd Holy Temple, may it soon be built.


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