Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 8, 2016

Kedosheem – Holy

This week’s Torah Reading is called Kedosheem – Holy. We are also in the midst of counting the Omer, which is a concept directed at increasing our holiness to be on a proper level to receive the Torah coming up shortly on Shavuous.

In the Torah Reading this week there are numerous positive and negative commands. It is fully packed, which may imply if we strive to keep this Torah
section being read, we will be holy.

Among the many laws is the law again to keep Shabbos. In some way strange as it is among the big 10 Commandments and yet it is mentioned again in the section titled Kedosheem – Holy. Thus one should indeed infer that by keeping Shabbos, one is acting in a very holy manner and that is also making the Jew a holy individual attached to a Holy Nation.

The idea of being able to set aside all mundane activities for a 24 hour period is indeed special. This break, gives us the energy and direction to lead the rest of our week also in a special Holy manner. By taking a day off and acknowledging the Creator of the world – the Al-mighty, this gives us direction and energy to fill the remaining 6 days with Holiness as well.


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