Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 1, 2016

Acharay – After

This week’s Torah Reading is Acharay – After (the death of the 2 sons of Aaron). We also bless the New Month of Iyar on Shabbos. We are also in the midst of counting the Omer leading up to Shavuous – the giving of the Torah.

In the Torah Reading towards the end, the Al-mighty stresses to keep the Mishpatai, these are the laws that mankind recognizes that are logical such as robbery, murder etc. Then the Al-mighty stresses to keep the Chukotai, the laws that are not rational, such as wearing wool and linen, eating forbidden foods etc.

It is interesting to note that both types Mishpatai – the logical and Chukotai – not rational, are mentioned in the same sentence. The implication being that even the laws that are rational are kept because the Al-mighty commanded us to.

This is the way we elevate are day to day lives by living the normal life based on the connection to the Al-mighty. This year we just finished celebrating Pesach, a special time when also special miracles occurred. It told us our lives are really a miracle and it is important we stay bound to the Al-mighty.

Let us hope our connection becomes further strengthened and leads to the ultimate connection, the building of the 3rd Bais Hamikdash.


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