Posted by: mosesfromsinai | March 27, 2016

Shemeenee – Eighth

This week’s Torah Reading is Shemeenee – Eighth. It is also called Parshas Parah as we read about the special Red Heifer that was used for purification.

In the Torah Reading this week we find the rule that a Kohen should not drink an alcoholic beverage prior to doing the service in the Temple. Similarly a judge is to avoid an alcoholic beverage prior to rendering a legal decision or halachic ruling. The Kohaneem bless the people on Simchas Torah in the morning prayer as the custom is to make kiddush after the morning prayer, dance with the torah and then say the additional prayer. It is during the additional prayer that the kohaneem usually bless the people. However, because on Simchas Torah they will be drinking before the additional prayer, they blessing the people in the morning prayer.

A possible reason for this can be when doing the Temple type service and thus coming closest to the Al-mighty it is important that our coming close is purely based on our true feelings and not any foreign stimulus. We have to truly feel in our hearts the desire to serve the Al-mighty with sincere true love.

The Mishkan was now going to officially open and function under Aaron and his sons. The need for true connections were vital for the further revelation of the Al-mighty and His presence in the Mishkan. We need to have true emotions dedicated to the Al-mighty and this will lead again to the revelation of His presence symbolized by the 3rd Holy Temple.


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