Posted by: mosesfromsinai | March 20, 2016

Tzav – Command

The Torah Reading this week is called Tzav – Command. It is also the special week when Purim occurs. (Delicious Hamentashen here we come).

As pointed out in the past the Hebrew word Tzav also means Attach. By bringing the various sacrifices the Torah mentions, a person showed that he wished to be attached to the Al-mighty. Indeed, in life we make sacrifices because we have attachments. This is clearly seen in family related issues or job related issues. Because we have this certain attachment we are ready to make a sacrifice for our family or for our job.

The Torah Reading ends off with telling us that Aaron and his sons did all that they were commanded to do by the Al-mighty through Moshe their instructor. Now having gone through the Torah Reading, we certainly see they had an amazing amount of things to do in detail. Yet the Torah tells us, to their praise, that Aaron and his sons indeed did so.

Their conscientious actions showed their commitment and strong ATTACHMENT – TZAV. This attachment was very strong, even though they heard only from their instructor, Moshe.

We cannot allow anything to weaken our attachment. The events of Purim help to strengthen our attachment to the Al-mighty by destroying Haman – anything that wishes to destroy our connection to the Al-mighty. We must always try to remain attached – Tzav. Yes, this may cause us to make sacrifices in life, but certainly for a vital cause. Until one day we will have our 3rd Holy Temple back and these types of difficulties will be ended.


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