Posted by: mosesfromsinai | March 13, 2016

Vayeekra – And He Called

This week’s Torah Reading begins the 3rd book in the Torah, Vayeekra – And He called. It is also called Shabbos Zachor – Remember, to remember Amalek that attacked us right away in the desert in an effort that we should not accept the Torah at Mt. Sinai. (By the way, their attacking the Jewish Nation right after we had the miracle of the Splitting of the Red Sea and the destruction of the Egyptian army is a bit crazy. Every nation experienced part of the miracle. If you were drinking a glass of water, the water split just at the time the Red Sea split – pretty impressive. You just might think about leaving the Jewish Nation alone. We know that when the Jews were ready to conquer the land 40 years later and sent this time just 2 spies, they came back with the report that the nations were still frightened about what had happened to Egypt. It just shows us how crazy anti-semites can be. ). This is read before the celebration of Purim, an event where we also defeated the wicked Haman, a descendant from Amalek, that wanted to kill the Jewish Nation.

In the Torah reading we read about how one was able to get forgiveness for various sins or mistakes made by bringing various sacrifices. The sacrifice brought varied according to the type of mistake or sin committed.

The concept of being able to correct ones mistakes or sins is a beautiful thing. This allows us to realize we have still a chance in life to attain the true things that are important. This also serves as a reminder to each of us that just as the Al-mighty can forgive for a mistake or sin, we need to do the same to someone that is asking for forgiveness. This special aspect of life creates in the end a warm, friendly and spiritual environment. It is this atmosphere that removes the ‘negative pollution’ and allows for the building of the 3rd Holy Temple in ‘clean air’.


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