Posted by: mosesfromsinai | February 28, 2016

Vayakhale – And He Gathered

This week’s Torah Reading is Vayakhale – And He Gathered.  It is also Parshas Shkoleem, the giving of the 1/2 Shekel.  This is the special time where each male 20 and older contributed an equal amount, 1/2 shekel, to be counted as part of the Jewish Nation.

Thus both the Torah portion and the special reading focus on coming together for the sake of the Holy Temple.  Certainly a great project to undertake.

It is interesting to note that the actual section of Vayakhale – And He Gathered begins with the laws of keeping the Sabbath and not to kindle a fire.  Thus this concept must somehow tie in to the purpose of Vayakhale – And He Gathered, Moshe gathering the Jewish Nation, to unite them, and thus make it possible to have the MIshkan – Holy Temple, built and the Al-mighty have so to speak, a resting place to dwell.

Perhaps it is a reminder that the Al-mighty created the world in 6 days and then created the 7th day as special, a pure holy day.  Similarly, the Jewish Nation is to be involved in the world to create a special holy world by our day to day actions.  As a reminder of this, we are not to kindle a fire – do not ‘burn’ the world with negative activities.  We are to be a holy sign to the nations of the world, each and everyone is required to see that our actions reflect those that are indeed positive.  When we do something it needs to create a proper flow of energy and not ‘burn’ what we are involved in.

This positive energy that each one of us is required to do will indeed bring about the ultimate level of holiness in this world and thus the 3rd Holy Temple.


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