Posted by: mosesfromsinai | February 14, 2016

Titzaveh – Command

The Torah Reading for this week is Titzaveh – Command.  A major emphasis of the portion read deals with the garments the Kohen Gadol – High Priest and Kohaneem – regular priests wore.

One of the items mentioned is the 2 Shoham stones that had the 12 tribes of Israel engraved.  There were 6 tribes of Israel engraved on each stone.  The order of the tribes was based purely on their birth and their names were spelled out in full.  Thus each stone had 25 letters.

It is interesting to note a couple of things with this numerical number.  The combination of letters is thus 50.  Their are 50 different levels of understanding the Torah (Nun Sharay Beena – the Hebrew letter Nun is equal to 50 and Sharay Beena means gates of understanding.)

Also the fact that there are 25 letters on each stone and if you count the stone thus a total of 26 you get the numerical value of the Tetragamation, the 4 letter name of the Al-mighty.  In Hebrew this is Yud followed by a Hay, followed by a Vav and then ending with another Hay.  The numerical value of Yud is 10, Hay is 5, Vav is 6 and Hay again is 5, totaling 26 which equals the 25 letters and stone they were engraved on.

All this serves as a further reminder that the Kohen Gadol was surrounded and wore holiness on his body.  We, who are our own Kohen Gadol over our own ‘Temple’ – our physical body, need to remember to constantly act in a holy manner.

By doing so, we can soon look forward to once again have the Holy Temple rebuilt and the Shoham stones with the 12 tribes engraved, once again present in the 3rd Holy Temple.


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