Posted by: mosesfromsinai | February 7, 2016

Terumah – A Portion

This week’s Torah Reading is called Terumah – A Portion.  The focus turns to donations and the building of the Holy Temple in the desert and the vessels and garments associated with the Holy Temple.

Among the items that were made for the Temple were the two Cherubeem – Angel like sculptures from the same gold the cover came from.  They were not separate entities and then attached.  They were beaten and molded with children like faces and wings that pointed upward and facing each other as were their faces.

On one hand making these images seems very strange.  In Judaism, we very much avoid making items that could be mistaken for an idol.  Yet here we are instructed to make an image and cover the most holy object that the Holy Ark – Aron contained, the tablets and then the written Torah.

Perhaps this was to serve as a reminder.  The Al-mighty asked for a guarantor for our keeping the Torah once we received it.  The Jewish Nation suggested a variety and all were rejected.  Finally the children were put forth as a guarantor.  We would raise our children to continue in the positive ways the Torah required.

Thus the children’s faces on the Cherubeem would serve as a reminder that the Aron and its contents, the 2 tablets and the Torah, were given to the Jewish Nation because of the special merits the Jewish children had and would continue to receive.

We always need to see our children as the priority.  Our actions must instill in them a positive unity that unites them so that the faces of our children are constantly looking at each other (looking after each other) as were the faces of the Cherubeem.  It is this conduct that leads once again to a Holy Temple, the 3rd Holy Temple and the Ark and the Cherubeem once again with us.


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