Posted by: mosesfromsinai | January 31, 2016

Mishpateem – Civil Laws

This week’s Torah Reading is Mishpateem – Civil Laws.  It is also Shabbos Mevorcheem, the Shabbos we bless the new Hebrew month of Adar.  Since this year is a leap year, where we add an additional Hebrew month it is called Adar Reeshon, the 1st Adar.

In the Torah Reading we learn among the various civil laws, the laws of a person actually doing physical harm to another person.

When Moshe was in Egypt he had difficulty in understanding why his nation, the Jewish people were still in Golus – Exile.  When he saw two Jews, Dasan and Aveeram, and one was arguing heatedly with the other, he compared that to hitting.  Moshe actually asked “Why are  you hitting your friend?”  From their behavior, he understood why the Jewish Nation was still in Exile.

Here we actually have the laws concerning really doing physical harm to another person. The various types of monetary compensation that has to be made, such as medical, loss of work, embarrassment etc., the guilty party has to pay.

All of these laws come shortly after the story of the Ten Commandments and the revelation at Mt. Sinai.  Perhaps, it is necessary to have this taught as a reminder if we wish to be in the presence of the Al-mighty, have our Holy Temple and His Divine presence rest upon our Nation we need to avoid this form of activity.  Verbal abuse and certainly physical abuse is not what a united people strive for.

Let us continue to pursue the positive action required which is the love of a fellow Jew, which we are told and also know can only lead to the end of our Exile.


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