Posted by: mosesfromsinai | January 17, 2016

Bishalach – Sent Out

This week’s Torah Reading is Bishalach – Sent Out.  The Jewish Nation is Sent Out by Paroh, finally, from Egypt.  It is also called Shabbos Shira, as we sing the famous song, also found in our daily prayers of the Miracle of the Splitting of the Red Sea.

We come across something perhaps strange right near the beginning of the Torah Reading.  That is Moshe goes to retrieve the bones of Yoseph, who was buried in Egypt. Since Moshe was never a slave in Egypt, on the contrary, he grew up in the King’s palace, raised by the King’s daughter, he was not owed back wages for slavery. He also had left all his possessions with his father-in-law and had sent back his wife and kids before reaching Egypt.  So Moshe was not a busy person packing before leaving and had time on his hands to use in a positive way.  The rest of the Jewish Nation was busy Passover night with packing their belongings and what they had acquired from the Egyptians.   (Actually being the leader of the Jewish Nation it was only fitting he should collect the bones for burial in Israel of the former leader who was Yoseph).

This event, Moshe collecting Yoseph’s bones for burial in Israel, shows that the Al-mighty fulfills His commitments totally.  As the Jews begin leaving Egypt it is important for them to see and know that the Al-mighty will fulfill His promise to the Jewish Nation.  Even with this, during the years the Jewish Nation were in the desert they had doubts.  It was 40 years later that they finally entered the Land of Israel.

We need to know that even though it is almost 2000 years later from the destruction of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple, we will get it all back.  Yoseph lay buried in Egypt for almost 200 years before the promise to him was fulfilled, that he would be buried in the Land of Israel.  (By the way Moshe did have to use a bit of a miracle trick to get Yoseph bones and it will probably require a bit of a miracle trick to get the 3rd Holy Temple built – but just as Moshe pulled it off this too will happen – just stay tuned.)


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