Posted by: mosesfromsinai | January 10, 2016

Bo – Come

This week’s Torah Reading is called Bo – Come.  This week is also the week of the new month of Shevat. A month that contains the New Year for trees, the 15th of Shevat.  As we are compared to trees it marks a renewal for us as well.

This Shabbos is also the 6th day of Shevat which for me personally is special.  It contains the Mitzvah – Commandment to sanctify the first born male child in the 7th Aliyah – portion, read.  In the earlier part of  the Torah Reading it is the first born male child of the Egyptians that dies in the final plague.  It is this plague that finally causes Pharoh to send the Jews out of Egypt.

My first born child, yes a male, was born on Shabbos, the 6th day of Shevat.  We had been advised to pre-register at the hospital so we would not need to do so if the child was born on Shabbos.  This I had wondered about at the time the advice was given.  We were in with the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who gave us a blessing and then gave us this advice.  When I got back to Maryland, I told a couple living within walking distance of the hospital not to be surprised if they hear a knock on their door late Friday night.

So here I am making kiddush Friday night and the wonderful future mother says to me she is got that feeling.  I told her that if it is false labor we will be stuck there.  She feels confident enough to tell me it is the real thing. Wash, eat, bench – grace after meals, all in about 10 minutes, as she packs.  I do drive so as not to delay further and leave the car, engine on, in front of the hospital door. (Yes all permitted on Shabbos to save a life).   We are pre-registered so all goes smoothly including the birth of a wonderful young boy.  Oh yes, I do knock on the door of that couple and am greeted with a Mazel Tov.  That Shabbos morning at their synagogue, I am called up for  the 7th aliyah, Torah portion,  dealing with the birth of the  first born male. (Oh and yes this young man, living in Israel, married with Boruch Hashem, 9 wonderful children is indeed dedicated to holiness – he is again soon publishing another Hebrew book on Jewish law). For our family it was a new state in life, we now had a child.  May we all soon experience a new state in life that this Torah Reading deals with, the final exodus from our present exile.


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