Posted by: mosesfromsinai | January 3, 2016

VaAira – And I Appeared

This week’s Torah reading is called VaAira – And I Appeared.  This Shabbos we will also bless the New Month of Shevat.  This is the month that contains the New Year for trees.  The Jewish Nation is compared to trees.  With healthy good roots the trees can handle just about anything.  We have also begun the secular New Year.

The Torah Reading contains the beginning of the 10 plagues and the preparation for the redemption from Egypt.  (A good way to start the secular New Year).

The Torah Reading ends with the Plague of Hail.  Heavy rain in Egypt was very unusual.  Hail was unheard of.  This hail was very heavy and in addition, there was fire mixed with hail.  A sort of double miracle or “wamy”.  Fire and water do not mix as a rule.  However on this occasion, to make the miracle even greater, they made ‘peace’ and mixed together to doubly impact on the Egyptian Nation.  Again the Jews who lived in Goshen did not have any hail.  Again a clear sign of the purpose of the plague.

Paroh does call Moshe to the palace and apologizes for his and his people’s bad behavior.  Moshe leaves the city and prays for the hail to stop, which it does.  As usual, once the plague is gone Paroh ignores what he told Moshe and does not send the Jewish Nation out.

The Jewish Nation, seeing the miracle plagues, however, are certainly getting stronger in their faith.

We need perhaps to see some nice miracles now.  Though we surviving in all that has happened and is still happening is a sign of a miracle.  We do however await the final miracle, our redemption, just as the Jews in Egypt awaited their redemption, finally.


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