Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 27, 2015

Shemos – Names

This week’s Torah Reading is called Shemos – Names.  It begins the second book of our Torah and is referred to as Exodus.

We read that Pharoh and the Egyptians made life very hard on the Jewish Nation.  There was a great hatred for the Jewish People (wow can you believe that).  This came about due to jealousy of the success the Jewish Nation had in their growth and productivity. (Sound familiar anywhere in our Jewish history – how about everywhere).

Somehow the Jewish Nation displayed the ability to survive and succeed even in the most difficult times and places.  This was actually set up with our first forefather and his wife.  Avraham and Sarah encountered many difficulties and had to leave various places in life.  Avraham’s life was threatened on occasion.  He and Sarah were not disturbed by it and their lifestyle and influence continued.  This was passed on to their son Yitzchak, who displayed the same strength along with his wife Rivka and they passed this on to Yakov who had to also survive many hard times and continue to grow and have an influence.  This we saw in last week’s Torah Reading when we read about his amazing funeral and the attendance at his funeral.  (Front page news and covered on all channels as everyone who was important was just about there.)

We have inherited this very special quality to survive our different Exiles we experience in life and perhaps that is why this book is titled Exodus.  We exit our various hardships in ways that may resemble miracles.  We have survived our past in ways that are, looking back, miracles.

We need to know that when we face an obstacle that may look insurmountable, we can “overcome”.   Some day soon we will indeed “overcome” our final exile with the building of our 3rd Temple.


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